Do you have a website to give your business an online presence?

Is your website outdated or filled with old information?

Let 3 Sided Media design and create your website and social media presence. Our experienced programmers and staff writers will design your website based on your business personality, as well as write the site’s content in a way that not only speaks to your clients, but helps new customers find you as well.

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Social Media

Do you have a social media presence?

Are you familiar with social media business sites such as Facebook and Twitter? Recent surveys indicate that over 80% of marketers consider social media to be an important outlet to reach their customers. If you aren’t reaching out to potential customers and current clients, chances are your competition is. 3 Sided Media understands the importance of today’s social media and will create an effective social media presence to meet your business needs.

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Do you not have a website or social media presence because you don’t know what to write?

Is your current website stale or contains outdated information?

Nearly 80% of businesses polled by 3 Sided Media do not have a website or utilize social media because they simply don’t know what to say. 3 Sided Media has an experienced team of staff writers that will take the strengths of your business, and generate an effective online message that will speak to your clients and help future customers find you!

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What do you do to help potential customers find your business?

How difficult is it to find your business on an online search such as Google or Bing?

3 Sided Media utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your business found if a customer or potential client uses an internet search to look for your business. Our team of designers and content managers use key terms in creating websites and social media outlets that are designed to have your business located on an internet search such as Bing or Google. 3 Sided Media also understands how to use your website and social media presence to further move your business up on the list when someone uses a Google search to find your business category.

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