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Adopt A Cat Month: Things to Consider Before Adopting a New Feline Friend

  • 16 June 2016
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Adopt A Cat Month: Things to Consider Before Adopting a New Feline Friend

Adopting a cat/kitten is a big decision and there are numerous variables that should be contemplated before making the commitment. Cats, like people, have different personalities and it is essential to understand what you want from your feline companion. If you have children or pets in the home already, you will want to consider how this new addition will interact with the existing dynamic.

Important Considerations

  • Time — do you have the time to care for, play with, and meet your cat's basic needs?
  • Multi-cat Households — do you already have cats in your household? What are their temperaments? Will they get along? Have you scheduled a veterinary visit to test for disease to limit exposure?
  • Adult or Kitten — Do you have other household pets that need to be considered?
  • One or Two — should you adopt a single cat or a pair? For example, siblings are already a bonded pair, and will usually remain so for years.They also are great playmates, since they have the same energy level.
  • Resources — are you able to cover the costs associated with cat adoption like food, litter, bedding, annual veterinary visits, spaying or neutering, toys/scratching posts, parasite control, and microchipping?
  • Setting Up for Adoption Success

    Congratulations on considering adopting a new cat or kitten! The introduction of a new cat is exciting but it can also be stressful. Here are important suggestions to get you off to a good start whether you have a multi- or single-cat household.

    Setting up for success: Before introducing your new cat/kitten

    The “3 P’s” Patience, Planning, and Preparation — are critical to the success of introducing a new cat. Sadly, approximately 50% of newly adopted cats are surrendered because of lack of planning. Fortunately, taking the following steps greatly improve the success of the adoption, as well as feline and human happiness. Read more about the 3 P’s — Patience, Planning, and Preparation.

    Introducing your Cat/Kitten to the Household

    Introducing a new cat into a household with existing cats can seem like an overwhelming task. Patience is key — the transition can take several weeks but planning ahead can reduce the stress, allow for an easier transition, and build a positive relationship between your feline companions. Click here for more tips on smoothly transitioning your new cat/kitten into the home.

    After you have carefully thought about this important decision and have decided to adopt, your new cat or kitten must visit the veterinarian before entering your home. The veterinarian will provide a thorough physical examination, as well as test for FIV and FeLV. This is extremely important so that other household cats are not at risk for exposure.

    Use the tabs on the left hand side of this page for additional information on topics such as environmental needs of cats, dental care, parasite prevention, the importance of routine preventive veterinary visits, and more!

    Lifetime of Care

    Adopting a cat is an important responsibility. Identifying and securing a veterinarian for your cat is paramount (for help finding a veterinarian, use the AAFP’s Veterinarians and Practices locator).

    Cat owners should have a solid understanding about how to meet their cat’s environmental needs, understand feline behaviors, feline health conditions, and diseases, and last, but importantly not least, the need for routine preventive veterinary visits. Click on the topics below or other cat health topics on above page menu for more information on how to give your cat the long, happy, and healthy life they deserve.

    • Importance of Regular Veterinary Visits
    • Environmental Needs
    • Nutrition
    • Life Stages
    • Dental Care
    • Parasite Prevention

    Online Resources

    International Cat Care

    International Cat Care is a charity passionate about improving the care of all cats. Their site contains specifics on cat health information and what you need to consider before you adopt a cat.

    Pet Parents

    This site, sponsored by Bayer HealthCare, provides information on considerations before you adopt a cat.

    Source: American Association of Feline Practitioners

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