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Kitten Makes Dog Best Friend Carry Him Around Everywhere They Go

  • 5 August 2016
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Kitten Makes Dog Best Friend Carry Him Around Everywhere They Go

Jessie spent the first part of her life as the only pet in her family. She had no idea what she might be missing — until she met Koda.

Koda the kitten joined Jessie's family a few months ago, and from the very beginning, he was determined to make Jessie his best friend.

"Their relationship is very unique, as most dogs and cats do not act this way towards each other, very friendly and playful," Emily Aubrecht, Jessie and Koda's mom said. "They love to do everything together which is awesome for us as they keep each other entertained."

Jessie has always been a very calm, easygoing dog, and so when the energetic little kitten moved in and wanted to play every chance he got, Jessie was more than happy to comply.

"He constantly wants to play with Jessie and his toys," Aubrecht said. "One of his favorite activities is to run in circles around our house. His other favorite pastime is to attack Jessie's face and tail, and thank goodness she doesn't care, otherwise we would have a very bored kitty on our hands."

Four-month-old Koda was rescued from a farm that had too many cats, and spent the first few months of his life living outside. Now he has a nice warm house to live and play in — but he still loves the great outdoors.

Koda loves playing outside, especially with Jessie. Jessie loves to swim, and even though Koda isn't as keen on that activity, he has no problem being near the water, or anywhere, with Jessie by his side.

"When we travel to British Columbia, they will adventure into the forest together," Aubrecht said. "Koda enjoys riding on Jessie's back, even though Jessie isn't very fond of it!"

Jessie may not be as energetic as little Koda, but she's more than happy to keep up with him because, well, he's her brother now.

You can follow Jessie and Koda on Instagram by clicking here.

Source: The Dodo

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