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New Study Shows The Importance of Cleaning Dog Bowls

  • 26 September 2018
  • Author: Miranda
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New Study Shows The Importance of Cleaning Dog Bowls

A recent study from Hartpury University in the United Kingdom has identified water bowls for dogs as a haven for harmful bacteria and a contributor to disease transmission within households. quotes the study saying, “The dog water bowl has previously been identified as the third most contaminated item within the household, which suggests that they are capable of disease transmission. The aim of our study was to identify whether the material—plastic, ceramic or stainless steel—and length of use of a dog's water bowl influences the quantity and species of bacteria present.”

It is important to note that these harmful bacteria build up over time and can be thwarted by regular, good cleanings. As explained in the article, “Our research suggests the significant increase of bacteria found in dog water bowls with length of use demonstrates the need for suitable cleaning regimes.”

When it comes to deciding on the safest dog bowl for your dog, the study says that stainless steel dog bowls proved to harbor less bacteria over time than ceramic dog bowls or plastic dog bowls. Plastic dog bowls accumulated bacteria more quickly, but ceramic dog bowls tended to have more harmful bacteria like E.coli and MRSA.

What the study highlights is the importance of cleaning your dog’s bowl like you would clean your own dishes. With regular cleaning, you can prevent the growth of bacteria and keep your pup healthy and hydrated.

Photo source: Pexels

source: Pet MD

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