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National Walk Your Dog Week

  • 8 October 2020
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National Walk Your Dog Week

Do you and your dog love to take walks? We’ll bet that if we asked your dog he or should would give a rousing round of barks and yips when asked if they, “want to take a walk?”

It seems a good fit for the Pet Calendar for October that National Pet Obesity Day is on October 12 and that National Walk Your Dog Week is also in October.

Pet parents, did you know:

  1. Close to 17 million dogs in the United States are overweight (that’s more than 40% of dogs)
  2. If you walk your dog at least thirty minutes a day you both benefit? A thirty-minute walk will help you (and your dog) meet recommendations for heart healthy exercise.

What can you do to help both your health and the health of your beloved dog(s)? Commit to walking at least thirty minutes a day. Your heart, your dog and your veterinarian will thank you!

Be safe when walking your dog:

  1. Keep him or her on a leash or harness, unless you’re in a safe, enclosed area
  2. Make sure he has an identification tag or is microchipped
  3. Walk at a brisk pace so that both of your hearts get a great workout!

Feeding your dog a healthy diet, taking him for walks or even making certain he gets his exercise inside the house in case it’s too hot or too cold outside will help your pet live a long, healthy life. That’s what we all want!

Article Source: Positively Woof

Photo Source: Unsplash

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