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  • 12 October 2020
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In 2020, October 11 to 17 is National Vet Tech Appreciation Week. Veterinary technicians are crucial staff at every vet office all around the world. Just as modern dentistry uses a “four hands” approach where assistant and doctor work in tandem, a veterinarian’s right-hand person is the vet tech, assisting vitally in the preservation of animal health and welfare. To this end, each year National Veterinary Tech Week serves to spotlight the profession and show gratitude to those special vet techs serving the needs of animals and supporting veterinarians.

Vet techs are versatile and highly-trained experts. Compared to human medicine, a vet tech can serve as a laboratory technician, a respiratory therapist, a dietician, a nurse, a radiation tech, an anesthesiologist, and a physical therapist in a single role. Although veterinarian offices can’t function without the contributions of vet techs, their contributions to pet healthcare are often underestimated. To celebrate these essential employees, Vet Tech Appreciation Week educates pet owners and creates collegiality in veterinary clinics.

Beginning in 1993 by a National Veterinary Technician Association (NATVA) resolution, Vet Tech Appreciation Week exists to enlighten the public about veterinary technicians and explore the field in greater detail. Established in the third week of every October, NATVA oversees proceedings, publications, and changes in the week’s traditions. On its website, the purpose of the week is outlined. Firstly, to “reinforce the value and professionalism of veterinary technicians.” Secondly, to “provide an opportunity for veterinary technicians to encourage one another for excellent work ethic and team building,” and thirdly, to “acknowledge a quality relationship with veterinarians and other veterinary professionals.”

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