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Foster Kitten Accidentally Creates The Creepiest Optical Illusion

  • 23 September 2021
  • Author: 3 Sided Media
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Foster Kitten Accidentally Creates The Creepiest Optical Illusion

Jen and Adrian Davis have been fostering for Best Friends Felines for the past two and a half years, and they’ve loved every moment of it so far. They recently took in four tiny orphaned kittens, and have been giving them all the love and care they need before heading off to their forever homes.

Namaari, TukTuk, Boun and Sisu, named after characters from "Raya and the Last Dragon," are all typical kittens who love to play and cuddle. They also like to get into some occasional mischief — especially Namaari.

“Namaari is the sweetest kitten, as [the] majority of our hand-raised babies are,” Jen Davis told The Dodo. “You only have to look at her, and she melts into a puddle of purrs. She is also a bit of a drama queen — if her siblings play too rough, she is the first to cry.”

Recently, the kittens all had a very exciting day together. They did a photo shoot for a calendar to help raise money for Best Friends Felines, and also met with three different families, all interested in maybe adopting them. They were absolutely exhausted from all the excitement and eventually settled in for a nice, long sleep.

As the kittens slept, the couple suddenly noticed Namaari curled up in the funniest, creepiest position — and of course had to take a photo to document the spooky moment.

The way Namaari was curled up in a pile with her brothers, TukTuk and Boun, it looked as if she had no head, and her foster parents couldn’t help but laugh at their suddenly headless kitten.

“This litter of kittens loves sleeping in odd positions, but this had to be one of the funniest ways Namaari has slept,” Davis said.

They got the photo and posted it online, and it brought everyone who saw it just as much joy and maybe a few frights. Namaari is full of silliness and adventures like this, and luckily, she was recently matched with her forever family. She’ll head off to her new home in a few weeks, where she’ll no doubt continue to entertain everyone with her funny sleeping positions and general goofiness.

Article Source: The Dodo

Photo Source: Jen Davis

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