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TV-Loving Cat Asks Mom To Turn On Her Cartoons Every Morning

  • 2 June 2022
  • Author: 3 Sided Media
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TV-Loving Cat Asks Mom To Turn On Her Cartoons Every Morning

Ella’s family adopted her when she was 10, and by that point in her life, she already had a very clear idea of her likes and dislikes — and has never been shy about communicating them.

“Ella is very sassy and demanding,” Emily Kalaygian, Ella’s mom, told The Dodo. “However, that's only because she's a lady who knows what she wants and I can't fault her for that! However, I will say she has her polite moments. Lots of mornings she waits by my door until I am awake. But that's not to say she doesn't use her voice to sing the song of her people when she needs to.”

About a month after adopting Ella, Kalaygian wanted some background noise as she went about her day, so she turned on "The Grinch." Almost immediately, Ella was intrigued — and so began the journey of Ella and her obsession with cartoons.

“My husband and I started experimenting to see what she does/doesn't like, and once 2020 came around and we were stuck inside with her and the TV, it only grew from there,” Kalaygian said.

Now, Ella watches cartoons every single day. She waits by her mom’s bedroom door every morning for her to go and turn on the daily selection, and their routine heavily revolving around Ella’s obsession with TV unfolds from there.

“In the morning, she usually waits by my door (or screams when she's feeling fancy), and I will pick a show to watch to see if it's something she'd enjoy,” Kalaygian said. “By now I can tell what she won't/will like, but some days she surprises me! Then after, she does her thing (sleep) and I do mine (work). Then usually when it's getting late, she's back up and we enjoy either another show or a movie! We used to watch lots of movies but lately have been enjoying shows as people have been giving so many recommendations to see what Ella will like!”

Ever since Ella got her own TikTok, everyone on the internet has become incredibly invested in her TV obsession, too, and it’s been so fun for people to discover what her favorite shows and movies are alongside her and her family.

“Her favorite show currently is 'Oswald' — we have watched the episodes on Paramount+ on a loop it feels like,” Kalaygian said. “Before 'Oswald,' she was a HUGE 'Phineas and Ferb' fan but 'Oswald' knocked them off the pedestal recently. And of course, she's known for her love of Benedict Cumberbatch, which is why she watches the 2018 Grinch and the 2018 Grinch ONLY. Sorry, Jim Carrey.”

From the very beginning, Ella has always known exactly what she wants. Most of the time, that’s cartoons, and luckily for her, her parents are more than happy to give her that.

Source: The Dodo
Photo Source: EMILY KALAYGIAN/@ellawatchestv_

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