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Dog Tries To Hide New Kitten From Family So No One Else Can Play With Him

  • 23 June 2022
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Dog Tries To Hide New Kitten From Family So No One Else Can Play With Him


When Colleen Harrison and her family adopted a tiny kitten named Casper, they weren’t exactly sure how their dogs would react. Usually, their pittie, Minnie, is the one who loves caring for tiny animals, but as soon as their other dog, Rex, met Casper, it was quite literally love at first sight.

Rex is much younger than Minnie and loves to play, and he and Casper have a very similar energy. They love to goof around and snuggle together all day long — and at first, whenever anyone else tried to play with the new kitten, too, Rex wasn’t too excited about it.

“At first, Rex didn't like anyone coming near the kitten,” Harrison told The Dodo. “He was very protective of him. He's the same way with our children. Anytime the kitten or our kids are out of Rex's sight or in another room he can't get to, he just sits close by whining for them.”

Sometimes, while Rex and Casper were snuggled up together, he would try to hide his kitten friend from the rest of the family — but unfortunately, Casper is a little too wiggly to stay hidden for long.

Rex loves Casper so much that he didn’t want to share him with anyone else when he first came into his life. Now, he’s slowly warming up to the idea — as long as he gets Casper to himself most of the time.

“Rex doesn't mind others holding or playing with the kitten now, but he does keep an eye on him at all times,” Harrison said.

As soon as Rex and Casper met, they were immediately best friends for life, and the whole family is so excited to watch them grow up together.

Article Source: The Dodo


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