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Responsible Animal Guardian Month – May 2023

  • 23 May 2023
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Responsible Animal Guardian Month – May 2023

Responsible Animal Guardian Month is observed in May every year. It is an opportunity to remind all pet owners that they are responsible for the well-being of their pets. Our furry friends require a lot of love and care at all times, so make sure to be present for their needs. If you’re new to being an animal parent, then take some time out in advance to do a bit of research about how to raise them. This month was created by the In Defense of Animals organization, or I.D.A. The aim was to promote the safeguarding of animals.


The first legislation called the Martin’s Act was passed in the U.K. for the protection of animals (mainly cattle and horses) in 1822. The Act was again amended to protect dogs and cats against cruelty.

In 1860, Mary Tealby, a British woman, was the first woman to start an animal welfare organization called the Battersea Dogs’ Home. The organization was formed with the aim to create a home for stray dogs. The movement started initially as an initiative to protect stray animals against cruelty by offering shelter to them. Later on, the animal protection movement branched out into law enforcement and carried out inspections and enforced anti-cruelty laws wherever appropriate.

In 1866, America’s first animal protection organization called the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed. This led to the formation of many other animal protection organizations throughout the country by the year 1900. Companion animal ownership became increasingly popular. When people began to recognize the link between themselves and dogs and cats, this led to a rise in concern for animals’ lives more generally.

In 1875, a new form of animal cruelty was on the rise — i.e., animal experimentation. Since the 1870s, mammals, especially dogs, and cats, began to be used for animal experiments rather than reptiles which they used to experiment on earlier. There were many animal welfare groups during the 1870s, which were then created to focus on animal experimentation.


Martin’s Act is Passed

The first legislation for the protection of cattle and horses is passed.

Battersea Dogs’ Home

Mary Tealby becomes the first woman to start an animal welfare organization that helps provide a home for stray dogs.

America’s First Animal Protection Organization

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the first animal protection organization to be established.

The Rise of Animal Experimentation

Animal experimentation is done on mammals like dogs and cats, leading to the birth of many animal welfare groups in the 1870s.


Who protects animal rights?
In the U.S., at every level of the government, there can be animal protection laws enforced and enacted. However, the majority of animal protection legislation occurs at the state level.

What are the five animal welfare needs?
The five animal welfare needs that every pet owner must provide are health, behavior, companionship, diet, and environment. Each pet’s needs will vary, so it is up to the owner to do the research.

What qualifies as animal neglect?
Situations of animal neglect are those where the pet owner fails to give food, water, shelter, or veterinary care required for the pet to survive. It could be intentional or unintentional on the owner’s part, but it is still neglect.


Have a plan
Before getting an animal of your choice as a pet, it is always best to do the research first. Figure out if your environment will be suitable for the pet and plan accordingly.

Go for annual checkups
It is important to ensure that your pet is taken to the vet at least once a year. Find your local vet and set up an appointment.

Spend quality time with your pet
A great way of celebrating this month is by taking time out of your busy life and spending it with your pet. It would mean the world to them.


Wildlife trafficking is a global crime
It is the fourth most rampant global crime after drug, arms, and human trafficking, posing a serious threat to animals.

Poaching causes species extinction
The northern white rhinoceros are almost extinct due to unchecked poaching for their horns.

African elephant's tusks
Every 26 minutes, an elephant is killed by poachers for its tusks.

Pirate fishing harms the marine environment
Illegal, unreported, and unregulated (I.U.U.) fishing or pirate fishing drains fish stocks and harms the marine environment due to overfishing.

Underwater noise pollution affects animal communication
The increase in underwater noise pollution due to ships has negatively impacted marine animals, which depend on sound to find food, navigate the water and communicate.


They are like family
Pets are like our family members. Being responsible for them is important so that we can protect them better.

We can help them
As pet owners, we have the ability and resources required to help our animals. We can provide them with food, medication, or treats!

To ensure their wellbeing
The decision to raise a pet is also the decision to look after it and care for it for its entire life. It’s a responsibility that any pet parent should be willing to take.

Article Source: National Today

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