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Safety Tips for Pets on NYE

  • 28 December 2023
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Safety Tips for Pets on NYE

We will soon ring in a new year, and if you are a pet owner you know this night can cause fear and anxiety for your beloved pet. You know the signs: trembling, shaking, howling, running to a safe spot in your home, or worse…running away. Here are some safety tips to help your pet get through the night of festivities.

1. Keep your pets inside. Pets run when they are frightened. My father had a German Shepherd who wasn’t afraid of anything. One New Year’s Eve the dog was spooked and took off. Our neighbor found him the next day; he had jumped my parents’ fence to run away from the neighborhood fireworks and, unfortunately, his back paw got caught in the fence and he was stuck for hours. Our neighbor was able to free him and call my father and they rushed him to the vet. They were not able to save part of his paw, but it could have been worse.

2. Watch what they consume. Certain foods can be harmful for pets to consume and alcohol is toxic. Be sure to not leave any plates of food or drinks unattended.

3. ID your pets!!! If your pet does run away after getting frightened by fireworks, at least they will have identification on them so they can have a better chance of being returned. Make sure your pet has a collar with contact information, or better yet, get your pet chipped.

4. Take them out early to “do their business.” Before people arrive at your party, and especially before fireworks start, take your pet out to use the bathroom. If you wait until later, they may not want to use the bathroom at all or leave your side. Also, when you do, make sure you have them on a leash! No matter how obedient your dog may be, if they are scared they might take off.

5. Clean up unused fireworks and firework debris. Fireworks contain hazardous chemicals and materials that can be extremely harmful to pets. Pets are curious and will chew on anything, and if they get a hold of something like a firecracker, you will likely be taking an emergency trip to your veterinarian.

6. Use comfort shirts. There are shirts that can be purchased to help calm pets. These shirts fit snug around your pet’s rib cage and are cozy and gentle. The shirt applies just enough pressure to help with anxiety and act like a constant hug.

7. Give extra love and treats. While pet parents are having fun celebrating the new year, it is a stressful night for your furry member of the family. Give your pet some extra cuddles and extra treats.

With these tips, we hope you have a fun, safe, and Happy New Year!

Article Source: Beth van Mullem

Photo Source: Beth van Mullem

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