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Pet Dental Health Month – February 2024

  • 7 February 2024
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Pet Dental Health Month – February 2024

Pet Dental Health Month in February is when we remember that our furry friends don’t carry a toothbrush around with them and so their teeth may need a little attention. Whether a dog, cat, rabbit or other species, let’s remember our pets by lovingly looking after their teeth. Dental checks are as important to animals as they are to us and looking after their dental health significantly prevents oral problems they may have in the future. Red gums, stinky breath, or yellow teeth could lead to an oral disease if left untreated, giving your pet a poor quality of life and nobody wants that! This National Pet Dental Health Month let’s prioritize our pet’s teeth as much as we do their stomachs.


Pet health dates back thousands of years. In 9000 BC, the first veterinary practice of any kind appeared in the Middle East. It was used for sheepherders who treated the dogs who watched over their sheep. In Ancient Egypt, animal treatment became more common. Cats, fowl, and dogs were regular choices for pets and considered by many families to be members of the household.

In 1900 BC some sacred Hindu texts captured the first written account of the practice of veterinary medicine. In 1850, archaeologists found fragments of an ancient vet’s medical books covering diseases found in birds, cattle, fish, and dogs.

The last 100 years have seen a steady increase in the number of pets receiving regular medical care. There are now thousands of animal hospitals dedicated to the care of small house pets. It was also around this time that the first policy for pet insurance for a cat was written by a Swedish insurance company called Länsförsäkrings Alliance.

As our concern for pet’s health has increased, so has our awareness of the importance of their dental health. Pet dentists came up with Pet Dental Health Month to draw attention to some serious health issues pets may go through due to ill oral health. Most owners notice an oral issue when it’s too late, with the pet already in discomfort to the point where they have stopped eating. Studies have revealed an obvious correlation between the health of our pets and oral disease. Animals with clean teeth live longer lives.


Smile for the Vets

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association Global Guidelines recommend pet dental care.

Sealed with Approval

The use of VOHC (Veterinary Oral Health Council) products outside the USA began in Europe and Japan.

Love For My Dawg

A meeting is held with 35 veterinary dentists, dental scientists, and representatives from the American Dental Association to test the effectiveness of plaque retardants in dogs.

Animal Love

A meeting was held during the Veterinary Dental Forum to discuss the need for the "endorsement" of veterinary dental products.


What month is National Pet Month?
National Pet Month is celebrated in May.

Why is pet dental care important?
A pet’s dental health is important to their overall health. Often poor dental care can lead to other problems and an unhealthy pet is an unhappy pet.

When is Pet Dental Health Month?
Pet Dental Health Month is in February


Go to the vet
Taking your pet to a regular veterinary check-up will include an examination of your pets’ mouth. Book an appointment for your pet and work to see if they need any treatments.

Brush your pets’ teeth
Softly brush your pets’ teeth using an animal’s toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for pets. Toothpaste for humans has way too much fluoride content which can be toxic to animals, so seek a vet’s advice.

Extra measures
Support your pet’s dental hygiene by encouraging a balanced diet. An animal’s mouth, like ours, has its own self-cleaning system.

Bare your teeth
Bad breath, swollen gums, yellow-brown crusts of tartar along the gums, and bleeding are all warning signs to look for.

Pointing out the problem
Pets who may be developing gingivitis or other oral diseases may paw at their faces or mouths frequently.

Hunger pains
Malnutrition causes many dental issues.

Kick in the teeth
1% of pet owners brush their pet’s teeth.

Seal of approval
The best foods for pet’s oral health will say (VOHC) Veterinary Oral Health Care on the pack.


We love our pets
We love our pets and they bring a huge amount of joy into our lives. Pet Dental Health Month is a chance for us to look out for their best interests.

A happy pet
Any oral discomfort will be causing our pets a lot of stress. By getting your pet checked out and fixing any problems with their teeth, you are making them much happier and improving their quality of life.

A reminder helps
Despite loving our pets, we often don’t recognize the signs that they are in discomfort with their teeth. Pet Dental Health Month is a great reminder to let the professionals check them out and make sure they are happy.

Article Source: National Today

Photo Source: Shutterstock

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