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Spay/Neuter Awareness Month – February 2024

  • 19 February 2024
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Spay/Neuter Awareness Month – February 2024

Bringing our beloved pets to the vet to be spayed or neutered can be a difficult task for many pet owners. Some pet owners may view spaying or neutering as more harmful than beneficial for their furry companions, but the truth is that these procedures not only help our pets but the entire animal community as a whole. That is why February has been named Spay / Neuter Awareness Month.


Easy Access

Spaying and Neutering household pets becomes widely accessible in the United States.

LA Sets the Trend

The first spay / neuter clinic opens in Los Angeles.

Laying Down the Law

The ASCPA announces that all adopted animals must be neutered or spayed.

Cat Traps
Feral cat trap-neuter-release programs begin to be implemented.


Make sure your pets are neutered
If your pets are not neutered take advantage of Spay / Neuter Awareness Month and take them to your local veterinarian to be neutered. You will be happy you did when your pet is living a happier healthier life!

Spread the word on social media
Make sure everyone knows about Spay / Neuter Awareness Month by sharing information on your social media accounts. Use the hashtag #spayneuterawarenessmonth to make sure your message is seen.

Raise money
Help raise money for the cause by throwing a bake sale, raffle, or party. All of the money raised can go towards helping other pet owners and shelters cover the costs of spaying and neutering their animals.


It helps raise awareness among pet owners
Many pet owners don’t take their pets to be spayed or neutered because they feel like they are hurting their pets. In many cases, these dogs and cats will go on to parent litters of new kittens and puppies that inevitably contribute to the overpopulation and homelessness problem of dogs and cats in the United States. Spay / Neuter Awareness Month is a time to remind all pet owners that spaying and neutering are in the best interest of all animals.

Your pets will be healthier after being spayed or neutered
While it is easy to feel guilty while taking your pet to be neutered, just remember that your pet will actually enjoy a healthier life after being spayed or neutered. Cats and dogs who have been neutered are less likely to develop many fatal diseases and are less prone to engage in violent behavior.

It helps reduce the number of stray cats and dogs
Spay / Neuter Awareness Month is designed to help homeless animal shelters across the United States. If all pet owners do their part and make sure their pets are neutered, the staggering number of animals in homeless shelters will decrease.

Article Source: National Today

Photo Source: Shutterstock

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