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National Train Your Dog Month – January 2021

  • 8 January 2021
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National Train Your Dog Month – January 2021

Dogs come trained in loyalty, unconditional love, and friendship. It’s only the easy stuff that they need to learn. True, teaching all the other stuff can be daunting but all we need is the right advice at the right time. How does the beginning of the year sound? January is National Train Your Dog Month. It’s a time when trainers, dog owners, and canine experts come together to celebrate their love for their furry friends by sharing what they know. The internet and social media become a treasure trove of information, tips, and advice. All due to a movement started by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers many years ago.


1) Teach a new trick or two
A new year calls for a new bag of tricks! Think of a simple and fun trick like rolling over, playing dead, or fetch.

2) Enjoy Furry Fridays
In January, reserve Friday evenings for your dog. Go for a walk, to a dog museum, or watch a dog movie with buttered popcorn and a special treat for your best pal!

3) Take to social media
Share your dog training accomplishments and challenges with other dog lovers through pictures and videos. Have fun and build a better dog training community.


1) A little help goes a long way
Yes, a long way to keeping a dog inside a loving home. Hundreds of dogs are given away each year because their owners couldn’t train them and found them difficult to live with. A celebration like this one can help train and save them.

2) Trained dogs are healthy dogs
Experts say training a dog is not a luxury but imperative to his well being and health.

3) It takes a village
It always helps to hear you’re not alone. This month-long celebration connects you to others like you. Share their experiences, laughs, watch experts’ webinars or silly bloopers.

Article Source: National Today

Photo Source: Unsplash

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