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Responsive Website Design

More consumers are conducting web searches using tablets and smartphones than ever before. In fact, a recent survey by Nielsen revealed that more people search the web using smart phones than personal computers. Is your website responsive, having the ability to automatically right size itself, based on the type of device that is performing the search? At 3 Sided Media, our custom websites are programed to fit the device searching for your website. This means a current customer or potential client can see your site according to their device, and not need to zoom in to read the small print from a site which does not conform to the proper size. 3 Sided Media’s clients will always have their websites right-sized, whether someone is searching their site using a personal computer, tablet or Smartphone.


When deciding on a website, choosing between a template and a custom design can be difficult. Let 3 Sided Media help!

Social Media

Social media is one of the ways clients discover goods and services in the web-driven market today.

Customer Service

Our work for you begins where other website companies end. Once your website is completed, our team just getting started.